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Below is a list of all inductees that are immortalized on the Canadian Walk of Fame.

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Inductee Name

Area of Recognition

Year Inducted

Bryan Adams Musician (Kingston, ON) 1998
Pierre Berton Author (Whitehorse, YT) 1998
John Candy Actor (Newmarket, ON) 1998
Jim Carrey Actor (Newmarket, ON) 1998
Glenn Gould Musician (Toronto, ON) 1998
Norman Jewison Director (Toronto, ON) 1998
Karen Kain Ballet Dancer (Hamilton, ON) 1998
Gordon Lightfoot Musician (Orillia, ON) 1998
Rich Little Impressionist (Ottawa, ON) 1998
Anne Murray Singer (Springhill, NS) 1998
Bobby Orr Hockey Player (Parry Sound, ON) 1998
Christopher Plummer Actor (Toronto, ON) 1998
Barbara Ann Scott Figure Skater (Ottawa, ON) 1998
Jacques Villeneuve Race Car Driver (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC) 1998
Wayne and Shuster Comedy Duo (Toronto, ON) 1999
David Cronenberg Director (Toronto, ON) 1999
Hume Cronyn Actor London, ON 1999
Céline Dion Singer (Charlemagne, QC) 1999
Nancy Greene Downhill Skier (Ottawa, ON) 1999
Lou Jacobi Actor (Toronto, ON) 1999
Juliette Cavazzi Singer (Winnipeg, MB) 1999
Mary Pickford Actor (Toronto, ON) 1999
Maurice Richard Hockey Player (Montréal, QC) 1999
Rush Musicians (Toronto, ON) 1999
Buffy Sainte-Marie Songwriter (Piapot Reserve, SK) 1999
Wayne and Shuster Comedy Duo (Toronto, ON) 1999
Maureen Forrester Singer (Montréal, QC) 2000
Michael J. Fox Actor (Edmonton, AB) 2000
Evelyn Hart Ballet Dancer (Toronto, ON) 2000
Gordie Howe Hockey Player (Floral, SK) 2000
William Hutt Actor (Toronto, ON) 2000
Joni Mitchell Singer (Fort McLeod, AB) 2000
Ginette Reno Singer (Montréal, QC) 2000
Jean-Paul Riopelle Painter (Montréal, QC) 2000
Royal Canadian Air Farce Comedy Troupe (Montréal, QC) 2000
William Shatner Actor (Montréal, QC) 2000
Martin Short Actor (Hamilton, ON) 2000
Donald Sutherland Actor (Saint John, NB) 2000
Neil Young Singer (Toronto, ON) 2000
Kenojuak Ashevak Painter / Sculptor (Ikirlsak, NU) 2001
Margaret Atwood Author (Ottawa, ON) 2001
Jean Béliveau Hockey Player (Trois Rivieres, QC) 2001
Kurt Browning Figure Skater (Caroline, AB) 2001
The Guess Who Musicians (Winnipeg, MB) 2001
Ferguson Jenkins Baseball Player (Chatham, ON) 2001
Harry Winston Jerome Sprinter (Prince Albert, SK) 2001
Robert Lepage Film Director / Playwright (Montréal, QC) 2001
Leslie Nielsen Actor (Regina, SK) 2001
Walter Ostanek Polka King (Duparquet, QC) 2001
Ivan Reitman Producer / Director (Komarmo, Czechoslovakia) 2001
Teresa Stratas Opera Soprano (Toronto, ON) 2001
Veronica Tennant Ballet Dancer (London, England) 2001
Dan Aykroyd Actor (Ottawa, ON) 2002
Cirque du Soleil Circus Troupe (Gaspé, QC) 2002
Alex Colville Painter/Printmaker (Toronto, ON) 2002
Timothy Findley Novelist/Playwright (Toronto, ON) 2002
David Foster Music Producer (Victoria, BC) 2002
Wayne Gretzky Hockey Player (Brantford, ON) 2002
Monty Hall Game Show Host/Humanitarian (Winnipeg, MB) 2002
Ronnie Hawkins Musician (Huntsville, AK) 2002
Arthur Hiller Film Director (Edmonton, AB) 2002
Guy Lombardo Bandleader (London, ON) 2002
SCTV Comedy Troupe (Toronto, ON) 2002
The Tragically Hip Musicians (Kingston, ON) 2002
Scotty Bowman Hockey Coach (Montreal QC) 2003
Toller Cranston Skater (Hamilton ON) 2003
Jim Elder Equestrian (Toronto ON) 2003
Linda Evangelista Model (St. Catharines, ON) 2003
Lynn Johnston Cartoonist (Collingwood, ON) 2003
Lorne Michaels Producer (Toronto ON) 2003
Mike Myers Actor (Scarborough ON) 2003
Luc Plamondon Musician (Saint-Raymondde-Portneuf QC) 2003
Robbie Robertson Musician (Toronto ON) 2003
David Steinberg Comedian/Actor/Director/Writer (Winnipeg MB) 2003
Shania Twain Musician (Windsor ON) 2003
Denys Arcand Film Director (Deschambault QC) 2004
Shirley Douglas Actor (Weyburn SK) 2004
John Kay Musicians (Toronto ON) 2004
Diana Krall Musician (Nanaimo BC) 2004
Mario Lemieux Hockey Player (Montreal QC) 2004
Louis B. Mayer Hollywood Pioneer 2004
Mack Sennett Hollywood Pioneer (Montreal, QC) 2004
Helen Shaver Actor (St. Thomas ON) 2004
Jack Warner Hollywood Pioneer (London, ON) 2004
Paul Anka Musician (Deschambault, QC) 2005
George Chuvalo Boxer (Weyburn, SK) 2005
Michael Cohl Producer/Concert Promoter (Toronto, ON) 2005
Pierre Cossette Producer (Valleyfield, QC) 2005
Rex Harrington Dancer (Montreal, QC) 2005
Daniel Lanois Musician 2005
Alanis Morissette Hollywood Pioneer (Montreal, QC) 2005
Kiefer Sutherland Actor (St. Thomas, ON) 2005
Fay Wray Hollywood Pioneer (London, ON) 2005