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About the Gala

All That Sparkles

Each year, the celebrations typically begin in the afternoon. First, there's the Star's procession to Metro Square followed by an official ceremony and the unveiling of the "sidewalk stars" on Simcoe Street. After that, the Tribute Gala takes centre stage. It's always a glittering event, consisting of dinner, the awards show, and the after-party. All in all, it's a spectacular evening of entertainment. It's the best of the best – Canadian-style!

2005 Canada's Walk of Fame Festival
Canada's Walk of Fame inducted a parade of Canadian-bred and internationally-renowned showbiz and musical talent at the 2005, 8th annual Canada's Walk of Fame Star Unveiling and Tribute Gala Show.

2004 The Canadian Connection: Hollywood’s Canadian Pioneers
The development of Hollywood and the motion picture industry owes no small part of its success to a number of Canadians. At the beginning of the 1900s, young men and women from across this country were drawn south to make their mark on the industry.

2003 Coaches & Comics"
Canadians," says Walk of Fame Co-Founder Peter Soumalias, "are generally much smarter than we are. We probably would have chosen a recognizable, top-list hockey player, but it was Canadians who said, `Scotty Bowman.'"

2002 A Firmly Cemented Reputation
With five years of blood, sweat, and triumph behind it, Canada's Walk of Fame is all grown up.

2001 Granite Galaxy
In its fourth stellar year, Canada's Walk of Fame has gone from "the new kid on the block," to a national institution.

2000 A National Treasure
In just a few short years, Canada's Walk of Fame has taken its esteemed place as a recognised and essential way to pay tribute to Canada's most talented stars.

1999 Star Power
Canada's Walk of Fame was an immediate hit when it was launched in 1998. And in 1999, its popularity continues to soar.

1998 A Star is Born
There's no doubt about it: Canada has produced some of the most exciting, original, and talented arts, entertainment, and sports stars the world has ever seen.