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March 28: Halifax prepares for Junos

The Junos are fast approaching and the city of Halifax is buzzing with preparations. It’s like Christmas in April, from the streets lined with banners to shrine-like storefront windows.

The Junos was held exclusively in Toronto when it began in 1971, but organizers recognized the value of changing venues year to year and visiting cities all across Canada. Winnipeg, Ottawa, Edmonton, St. John’s, Nfld., Hamilton and Vancouver have all experienced the pre-Juno madness.

Canadian fans enjoy the fact that the show travels to a different city every year. It gives them a chance to see some of the biggest stars closer to home, which for some cities is a rare occurrence.

 Few Canadian cities other than Toronto and Vancouver are included on tour schedules, so the fans in Halifax are thrilled to have so many great musicians come by and perform.

A local newspaper hopes to take advantage of the Junos with an online petition called “More Peas Please,” hoping to get the group Black Eyed Peas to include their city on their tour.

Next year’s Juno Awards is scheduled to take place in Saskatoon.