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March 22: Canadian fired on Apprentice because of weight

Torontonian, Brent Buckman, who was recently fired after being berated by Donald Trump for being overweight on the last episode of The Apprentice, has since turned his weight loss into a financial gain.

Since then, Buckman became dedicated to dropping the pounds that held him back on the reality show. He has developed an unusual ‘bagel diet’ which has helped him lose 60 pounds. Buckman is excited to launch his ‘four-bagel plan’ which he claims will ‘revolutionize diets’.

Buckman attended York University and the University of Western Ontario before studying law in Florida. However he isn’t practicing law currently, he wants to keep his options open. His main focus right now is marketing his diet plan which is outlined on his website:

The 30-year-old contestant was criticized for being obnoxious, lazy and difficult to work with by his peers on the show. He was also told by his team that he couldn’t deliver an important presentation because of he was overweight and therefore didn’t reflect the proper image. Buckman maintains the belief that he could have been the right person for the job and would have loved to have been the first Canadian Apprentice, but for now he’ll stick to bagels.