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Here at Canada’s Walk of Fame, we pride ourselves on acknowledging the achievements and successes of amazing Canadians. For the most part, these extraordinary people include those who have excelled in sports, entertainment or the arts.

Every year we receive thousands of nominations recommending truly outstanding members of our nation and each year we could literally induct a fresh hundred accomplished Canadians – if space allowed! Unfortunately, constraints demand that we only induct a select few each year – which isn't to say that all of these spectacular citizens will not one day be inducted. Every befitting star will eventually see its place on The Walk.

Many people have asked us how the selection process works. As mentioned above, people across the country and around the world send us nominations for their favourite Canadians and tell us exactly why they feel their hero should to be inducted.

The nominations are collected into their respective files, which are then forwarded to and reviewed by a Selection Committee. This committee is comprised of Canadian peers who evaluate the nominees’ lives and accomplishments against the criteria for potential inductees. The criteria is as follows:

1. The nominee was born in Canada or has spent their formative or creative years in Canada
2. They have had a minimum of 10 years experience in their field
3. They have had a national or international impact on Canada’s Cultural heritage.

Following the Selection Committee's evaluation, the nominees meeting all requirements are recommended to the Board of Directors, who select the inductees annually.

Meet the Board

Board of Directors:


William Ballard
Tengtu International

Paul Borg
President and CEO
JAAC Entertainment

Susanne Boyce
President, Programming and Chair,
CTV Media Group
CTV Television Inc.

Bonnie Brownlee

Jim V. DeGasperis
Con-Strada Construction

Denise Donlon, C.M.

Dr. Mark S. Fox
Chairman & CEO
Novator Systems Ltd.

Randy Lennox
President & CEO
Universal Music

Dianne Schwalm
SVP, Theatrical Marketing
Warner Bros. Entertainment Canada Inc.

Gary Slaight
President & CEO
Standard Broadcasting Corp.

Peter Soumalias
President & CEO
Symas Holdings Corporation

Ron Suter
SR VP, NBC Universal Television and
SR VP, Universal Studios Canada
NBC Universal Television

Jack Tomik
Canada's Walk of Fame

Dr. Pam Zakarow
Dental Surgeon


Heidi Pyper
Manager, Sponsorships, Communications and Special Events.

Petra Synnerdahl
Assistant to the Board of Directors

Meredith McKay

Kavita Gosyne
Content Specialist

Executive Committee :  

President & CEO:
Peter Soumalias

William Ballard
Bonnie Brownlee
Jim V. DeGasperis
Randy Lennox
Dianne Schwalm
Jack Tomik